I’ve been here for just over 3 days now … Starting to get a handle on how the subway (or is it metro) works. Felt an affinity with Williamsburg, Brooklyn which was reminiscent of my Dalston (London) days but a little more errr nicer ?!? I love Dalston but back in the naughties (1998 – 2006) you had to search for quality food and here it’s everywhere. The people are easy to talk to and happy to help (free sticker collection coming along nicely). The Arts and Flees market in Williamsburg had a Spitafields / Brick Lane vibe and I couldn’t help but buy some local art & jewellery. 

So how’s the sketchin going … Hmmm its a little frantic. Too many toys in the sweet shop – got a good hour in at The Brooklyn Roasting Co yesterday. Snatching the odd moment to get my pens out but generally trying to soak up as much as I can. 


 Kitchen staff take a break at Fresh & Co on Broadway  


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