On Thursday I attended Manchester Art Gallery for the launch of ‘A New Manchester Alphabet’. I was lucky enough to have my illustration of ‘Ziferblat’ accompany the letter Z.

Ziferblat is a place where you can do as you please. Like an extension of your own home; Work, Study, Relax, Explore, Play, Attend Events, Eat Cake, Have a Brew. Our doors are open to everyone. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence our culture.

Situated in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the Edge Street branch is the largest Ziferblat in the world. Hidden on the first floor of an unassuming office block, our home-from-home is made up of a giant 3000 square foot sitting room in one half. The other half consists of our Studio, Class Room, Dining Room and Meetin Room for events, workshops and activities.

ziferblat postcard size with text.jpg


In 1906 Roger Oldham, a member of the Manchester Society of Architects, wrote and illustrated a small booklet called ‘A Manchester Alphabet’. The Alphabet takes us on a journey around Edwardian Manchester from Ancoats to the (Bellevue) Zoo. Fast forward to 2014, and a copy of the booklet is found on the shelves at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Special Collections. Inspired by its humour and charm, a project began to update Oldham’s original Alphabet.

‘A New Manchester Alphabet’ is a snapshot of Manchester in 2015: illustrated by students from the Manchester School of Art and written by poetry students from The Manchester Writing School. This collaboration takes us on a brand new journey: from Afflecks, via New Islington, to Ziferblat. This special event to launch the new book is being held at Manchester Art Gallery which featured in Roger Oldham’s original Alphabet (P for Picture Gallery). Join us for an evening of festive cheer featuring readings from both Alphabets and catch a rare glimpse of Roger Oldham’s original hand-coloured illustrations.

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