So today I find myself navigating around a city that is totally new to me. Thanks to my trusty iPhone which is clearly my present day compass and Brian’s (of coffee spot blog fame) texts about which coffee houses to head for. As a rule a good coffee shop will be in an inspiring neighbourhood. I have found my first gem in Karlin called Muj šálek kávy. I’m starving as its 11.45 on a Sunday and I haven’t eaten – determined not to be taken in by the hotels overpriced offerings. As I cannot speak Czech I feel a little out of my depth but I seem to be getting by on a smile. This place is so popular I had to queue outside for ten minutes. 

I begin my gorilla style secret sketching as soon as I spot a near by crowd tucking into their brunch. It takes guts when sitting so close as its kind of obvious what I’m doing and I guess kind of rude – I keep glancing out the window in the hope they will think I’m sketching something else. The guy nearest clocks me so I stop because I don’t think I can’t handle any retribution today. 

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