Over the last 2 weeks I’ve frequently found myself in the midst of live music. I’m lucky enough to live in a community where impromptu music sessions often happen… and very fine music it is too (thank you Steve, Mickey & Joe). I’ve always got a sketch book and pens knocking around in my rather large student hangover bag. So I thought I’d share some of the sketches and notes to self :


in good hands with joe


Sketching Musicians

*Have a drink but don’t drink too much (lesson in life)

*Get a good spot but not too close as you may be there a while and this will enable you to sketch the crowd / fans / friends / other musicians. Too far away and people will start dancing in front of you…which is kind of nice and obviously you’d try and draw them too but it is very tricky. Perhaps best to go to the bar or join in at this point.


morrocan tom & jonny two hats


*Don’t get hung up on the detail. The movement is the most inspirational part and yet I find myself trying to visually pause it.

*Wait and it will be repeated. When the chorus returns so will the hand movements.


magic kev519

* The best bit is that musicians don’t mind being sketched … they are prepared to be watched so they are not uncomfortable with the attention.

*Be prepared for people wanting to see what you’ve done, usually when you’ve just done your worst sketch ever. I’ve been heckled and it’s not great but generally in a smaller community environment it can be avoided.


mickey and the mystery lady


*The music is relaxing and encourages great drawing … it’s a wonderful experience all round. If the drawing doesn’t work out at least you’ve had a nice evening !


mean fiddler520


On the spot sketches done at ‘In Good Hands’ Frankwell and during the Art Anarchy event at The OPO Shrewsbury ‪#‎artsquadanarchy‬





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