Recently I worked on an illustration from a photograph. How comfortable it felt. No anxiety about distractions or movement, how indulgent it felt to be able to look and look again without the subject wondering off. So before I got lured in by this form of art I returned to my sketch book. Rarely does an ‘on the spot’ sketch result in such a perfect piece of art … it does, however, capture something that drawing from a photograph cannot. The connection between the illustrator and their focus. Quite often it says more about the artist and their interpretations than the reality. This in itself brings a charm that regurgitating an image doesn’t.

So never being one to go for the easy option I returning to sketching by challenging myself with the following :

1) Draw my daughter – who fidgets more than anyone I’ve ever known




2) Draw on a bus in London. The lady sat next to me was very bemused… especially when I left a sticker on the hand rail.




3) Draw the people at the next table during breakfast at a hotel. *Find me on Instagram to see posts of regular sketches.




Throughout my sketching exploits I’ve started leaving stickers – I have no idea how long they will remain…it’s a kind of marker that I was there. If you see one there will be a sketch from that viewpoint.






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