First of all apologies for the silent treatment. Don’t you hate those blogs that show no sign of life. During my absence, besides undertaking various commissions,  I’ve been beavering away on a couple of projects which will shortly come to fruition. In September I will launch 2 ranges of stationery & gift cards under the ‘Cherie did this’ heading. One is a collaboration with Emma Reilly Evans the other I can’t blame anyone but myself for ! It’s been a struggle finding the best print / paper / artwork and I’m looking forward to bringing all the elements together.




Secondly this summer will see the children’s book ‘Zig Zag the Stripey Spotosaurus’ get published … It’s top secret until the pages hit the press and then I look forward to sharing it ! It’s been great fun illustrating the first in a series of books by author Barbara Townley. Although I’ve never seen myself as a children’s illustrator once you tap into your inner child it’s not so hard… perhaps because I never actually grew up.