Why do we consume ?

In a time when so many of us are tightening our belts why create more stuff. This has been playing on my mind since I launched Cherie did this. Everyday life can be tough…if I can bring a little happiness into our 9-5’s through a smile when the post arrives or by brightening up a chore like the dishes then that’s got to be a good thing right? A beautiful print to gaze at while you’re in the bath, something stupid next to your bed, something given by a friend to wear on your coat to work (I love seeing my mates wearing their pin badges). All these things mean something more than stuff. And it’s not because of me, it’s because of the act of giving. I have a favourite mug because it was from a friend and that makes me happy when I use it (and slightly cross when I see my boyfriend using it – hint).

When I design or illustrate the ‘Cherie did this range’ I am thinking about the person who is giving – either as a gift to themselves or a friend. How can they add a bit of themselves into the mix ?

The best feeling is the one you get when you know someone has taken the time to think of you, lets be honest, life can be shite sometimes … it’s the silly scribble stuck on the fridge door or the picture next to the Loo than can make it all ok, it reminds us that we are not in it alone.

This is the concept behind the ‘Cherie makes it personal’ range.

If you have already got involved I love seeing it … tag your DIY cards or patches with the hashtag #cheriemakesitpersonal on instagram / facebook / twitter and  @cheriedidthis to receive a pin badge.

Cherie Makes it Personal range consists of these gems:

Pimp my Poodle – comes with stickers for pimping (any leftover can go on phones / ipads)

The DIY card for budding typography / logo type designers – or the rest of us who just want to doodle. It comes with a neon pen and stickers.

Patch cards / pick & mix patches – add these patches to your stuff.

Coats, bags… denim works well. The ones shown below where cut up, bleached and drawn on.


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