I am an illustrator who has worked in the fashion industry for 22 years. I had my own label ‘Slush’ which sold internationally and I’ve worked for many well known brands. Since having my daughter I took a break and did a Masters in Illustration at Manchester school of Art. This gave me an opportunity to look a little deeper into my craft which included studying people via the reportager style illustration. Last year I launched ‘Cherie did this’ range of cards, prints & pins … this has led to my cards being sold at Urban Outfitters and meeting other makers and creators at so many fantastic markets, fairs & pop ups.


Fashion illustration is always calling me as I can’t resist the blank canvas of a crisp white t-shirt. However I have issues with some of the superficial undertones associated with the fashion industry and it’s disposable nature. I’ve decided to use ‘Kickstarter’ as a way of introducing some illustrated Tees as a way of dipping my toe back in the water. If you’re anything like I was you may be unsure about what ‘Kickstarter’ is … the basic outline is that you can pledge to get a reward. So if you want a t-shirt you pledge towards a goal (in my case getting t-shirts made). Since my clothing range ‘Slush’ I’ve witnessed a big change in our shopping habits and I want to limit waste by launching an exclusive ‘Cherie did this’ range which is on a supply and demand basis.

Festival Tee
Festival Tee and Clutch Creations

This range is more personal than any fashion graphics I’ve done before …. not only because I’ve put my name to it but because the designs represent my values. Lessons I’ve learnt or a message that deserves to be shared.  3 themes very close to my heart:

1) Enjoy life and take the time to appreciate what you have.

FESTIVAL T (pictured above)
2) Celebrating women, I’ve been constantly amazed by females, their strength and support during tough times.

COMING UP ROSES (pictured below)
3) The Future is Rosy…new times are coming. Women are able to fulfill their potential. Empowerment and growth.

Coming up Roses

I no longer see myself as a fashion designer it’s more about a lifestyle approach, these designs feel honest and authentic which is most important to me now, that and never growing up…after all the creative adult is the child who survived.

The Kickstarter campaign goes live this Friday – I’ve snuck in a few incentives… look out for the introduction to digital illustration workshop. You can pledge for smaller gifts too. All support is much appreciated. If you follow me on instagram or facebook @cheriedidthis you will see the link to my kickstarter page go live on Friday.

Many Thanks


Me disguised as Frida Kahlo wearing Festival T



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