How I Kickstarted my T-Shirts

My Kickstarter ends Friday – whoop whoop ! It’s been quite an experience… I’m looking forward to a rest but I know Saturday morning I’ll be up early gathering the pick n mix of pledges and organising the logistics of it all. It’s exciting to see people pledging towards a reward and it’s hard to switch off. I’m humbled that it blew the target out of the water. I’ve now backed other Kickstarters and it feels good to be a part of something new that you’ve contributed towards.

Here’s my nuggets of advice if you’re thinking of doing a Kickstarter / Crowdfunding:

  • I went into it blind. Samples arrived and I photographed them and posted it on social media. It would have made more sense to get this done in advance and plan the visuals in keeping with the course of the kickstarter.
  • There is no crowd of people waiting to back projects – it is a myth ! You will rely heavily on friends and family.
  • Make connections in advance. As I was totally naive I had made some connections naturally with people over time but for a success you would need to be much more calculated and find people that would like your products. Not just the week before but months in advance. If I contacted people in a panic saying check out my stuff they’d be like “who the hell are you “?
  • People do not know what Kickstarter or Crowdfunding is. You need to spell it out right at the beginning. I am still being asked what it is and tbh I probably didn’t know either.
  • It is hard to get people to pledge if they are not on social media.
  • Emphasize that you will add other things to your rewards. I’ve done stickers and postcards but didn’t really mention it – but hey it will be a nice surprise!
  • The rewards don’t have pictures. You can upload images but not directly next to the reward (unless I’m missing something) – this means your descriptions need to be super clear.
  • Leave options like sizes until after the kickstarter has ended – too much information is confusing and will stop people pledging. As a result I’m now saying pledge on any t-shirt and I will contact you after it ends for your selection.
  • You will become social media obsessed – it’s not healthy – I’m going cold turkey next week !

Hope this has been useful and happy to help if you have any questions or advice… I’m still learning too.

One thing is for sure it’s such an amazing feeling when you get a pledge – these are the t-shirts available until Friday June 8th  Kickstarter link

classic white tee


Monochrome illustration
The Message:  Enjoy the life you have and take time to appreciate it. I need to wear this as a constant reminder to self.

slouchy t-shirt tie up.jpg

FESTIVAL T (pictured above) with ‘Delicate Rose

Hannah wears a size L tied at waist.

The Message: Empowerment & Celebration of being female… I’ve been constantly amazed by girls / women, their strength and support during tough times.

strong rose tank.jpg

FESTIVAL T (pictured above) with ‘Strong Rose*

*you can select your Rose after the kickstarter ends. Each T will come with a worksheet on how to customise it into a tank should you so wish. Hannah wears a customised tank size S.

This T looks great under dungarees too … below Hannah wears ‘Strong Rose‘ in size M

pinafore dress rose t-shirt

coming up roses gal .jpg

COMING UP ROSES (pictured above) … think I may have listed this as ‘The Future is Rosy’! Hannah wears a size Small .

The Message: This T represents a time to Flourish. If you need that added confidence boost this t-shirt has got your back …errr front. I have no samples of this t-shirt left as they’ve all gone to magazines but this design also has a beautiful green leaf.

blood rose

Blood Rose – Basketball T with contrast sleeves & neck. Has a hand painted Rose that looks good faded or fresh (depending on how many times you wash it) – I know because my daughter and I both have one ). This is my stretch goal for the kickstarter as it reached target.

hand painted blood rose

If you’d like a Tee don’t mess about as my plan is to supply on demand – so you only have until Friday to be sure of bagging one… along with the stickers & postcards (see I’m getting there).

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