Visual bubblegum – it’s starts sweet and gooey but you’ll find it stuck on a wall looking quite different.




Growing up in the 80’s I was unable to escape the graphic onslaught of glamorous iconic imagery.  The posters and stationery rocked my world.  I fell in love with the colourful mix of beauty, fashion and art.

Religiously I followed my dream of working in the fashion industry only to discover that the reality is a far cry from the Athena posters that had adorned my walls.


A ‘yellow man’ folder I’ve kept
A picture found at car booty – same as a series I had on my walls.

My street art paste ups are a nod towards my childhood ideals. I remember the innocence of simply enjoying the 80’s without having the maturity to question it. Fast forward 30 years and I get a twisted pleasure from seeing my bubblegum art get weathered, decayed and beaten up. I guess it represents my bitter sweet life experiences. The iconic imagery I loved is based upon perfection and if life has taught me anything it’s that there’s no such thing.

A larger folder containing stationery

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset



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