coffee house in colour rgb

The Coffee House – Shrewsbury. Centrefold for the of the I Love Shrewsbury newspaper (out late 2017).


Find this full scale image at Grindsmith Coffee House – Deansgate Manchester

Follow my link #everydayreportage to see other online images.

Finalist in the Moleskine Repotage Awards 2015

fernandez&wells sepia

Fernandez & Wells – Somerset House, London.


The Birds Nest Cafe, Shrewsbury.

As of October 2017 I have 20 x A3 prints made of this image – contact me direct to order one. Payment via paypal for £20 plus 3.50 postage. First come first serve …

satan's coffee corner by cherie

Satan’s Coffee Corner, Barcelona.

The first in the cafe culture series which inspired me to continue documenting cafes and coffee houses.


 La Esquina – Brooklyn

Who doesn’t love a diner made from an Airstream…

foundation coffee house bluer

The Foundation Coffee House, Manchester…

I have the only version of this on my wall at home!

Blurb from my MA in Illustration:

Timelapse illustrations: I began craving the ordinary, everyday life and the reality of people. I found myself sketching in cafes responding to the stories as they unfold in front of me. Enjoying immersing myself in the moment and layering it with a sketch of the next moment. Taking pleasure in the way people interact, telling their own individual narrative. When the sketches are finished (although often not complete) I often add photography to ground the image leaving the viewer in no doubt that it celebrates the real world albeit through my eyes. To acknowledge it’s subjective nature I often hint at my presence through a sketch of my hand or a photo. I began searching for cafes with different cultural environments, if you know of a cafe or coffee house worth sketching drop me an email via the contact page. You can also find me on instagram & twitter @cheriejerrard or look for #cheriedidthis.


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