First of all apologies for the silent treatment. Don’t you hate those blogs that show no sign of life. During my absence, besides undertaking various commissions,  I’ve been beavering away on a couple of projects which will shortly come to fruition. In September I will launch 2 ranges of stationery & gift cards under the ‘Cherie did this’ heading. One is a collaboration with Emma Reilly Evans the other I can’t blame anyone but myself for ! It’s been a struggle finding the best print / paper / artwork and I’m looking forward to bringing all the elements together.




Secondly this summer will see the children’s book ‘Zig Zag the Stripey Spotosaurus’ get published … It’s top secret until the pages hit the press and then I look forward to sharing it ! It’s been great fun illustrating the first in a series of books by author Barbara Townley. Although I’ve never seen myself as a children’s illustrator once you tap into your inner child it’s not so hard… perhaps because I never actually grew up.








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What a treat to be openly invited to sketch at a music event. Inevitably the crowd are as entertaining to sketch as the musicians.

Saturday Jazz at the Wightman













Having moved house earlier this year I have a few pieces for sale from my own collection.

There are only one of each of these available.  First come basis. Prices range from £55 – £150 plus postage. Message me direct at for more information.


Above : The Coffee House (feat real coffee) Shrewsbury SOLD

Below: Satan’s Coffee Corner – Barcelona



Above: Fernandez & Wells, Somerset House. London.

Below: Girl in a Cafe, Fernandez & Wells. London.SOLD


Following on from a feature in darc magazine in conjunction with Enigma lighting I attended designjunction – an exhibition in Kings Cross. I specifically targeted lightingjunction at Cubitts House.



darc magazine sept/oct 2016 #17


Having spent the day sketching children playing in the water park at Kings cross 2 weeks earlier I was starting to feel at ease with the constant stream of people and the fast pace although it’s certainly not without it’s challenges.





My sketching buddy Anna Niman came along to join me and we had a great day meeting people plus a lovely cuppa courtesy of the press team.




Anna and I discussed our views on sketching in the moment…her self confidence is clearly higher than mine. I’m constantly in search of a better sketch where as she is a little more self assured.



After about 2 hours of flat out sketching … or was it 3?  I was all spent. Would have been nice to investigate other areas of designjunction but I felt I captured as much as I could without a break. Thanks to all those who let me sketch them !




milly.jpgPearl Rainbow with logoAfter a flurry of inquiries I’ve decided for the first time since I graduated with a Masters in Illustration that I would once again undertake portrait work. Balancing all the different strands of my work can sometimes cause confusion so I’ve limited the portraits I undertake to one a month.

For a while I’ve been undecided whether to indulge myself in this form of art but I’ve come to the conclusion that what can be more meaningful than doing a piece to be treasured in a home. Editorial work can be rewarding to me personally but it will only be valued for a short time where as capturing something personal can be valued for a lifetime.

Recently I worked on an illustration from a photograph. How comfortable it felt. No anxiety about distractions or movement, how indulgent it felt to be able to look and look again without the subject wondering off. So before I got lured in by this form of art I returned to my sketch book. Rarely does an ‘on the spot’ sketch result in such a perfect piece of art … it does, however, capture something that drawing from a photograph cannot. The connection between the illustrator and their focus. Quite often it says more about the artist and their interpretations than the reality. This in itself brings a charm that regurgitating an image doesn’t.

So never being one to go for the easy option I returning to sketching by challenging myself with the following :

1) Draw my daughter – who fidgets more than anyone I’ve ever known




2) Draw on a bus in London. The lady sat next to me was very bemused… especially when I left a sticker on the hand rail.




3) Draw the people at the next table during breakfast at a hotel. *Find me on Instagram to see posts of regular sketches.




Throughout my sketching exploits I’ve started leaving stickers – I have no idea how long they will remain…it’s a kind of marker that I was there. If you see one there will be a sketch from that viewpoint.






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