Following on from a feature in darc magazine in conjunction with Enigma lighting I attended designjunction – an exhibition in Kings Cross. I specifically targeted lightingjunction at Cubitts House.


darc magazine sept/oct 2016 #17


Having spent the day sketching children playing in the water park at Kings cross 2 weeks earlier I was starting to feel at ease with the constant stream of people and the fast pace although it’s certainly not without it’s challenges.





My sketching buddy Anna Niman came along to join me and we had a great day meeting people plus a lovely cuppa courtesy of the press team.




Anna and I discussed our views on sketching in the moment…her self confidence is clearly higher than mine. I’m constantly in search of a better sketch where as she is a little more self assured.



After about 2 hours of flat out sketching … or was it 3?  I was all spent. Would have been nice to investigate other areas of designjunction but I felt I captured as much as I could without a break. Thanks to all those who let me sketch them !




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