I’ve been working on a large piece for the Enigma Lighting showroom in Manchester. It documents their wonderful lights in situ at Coffee House’s around London. Some of the sketches capture the moment nicely so I’ve made a few hand embellished Prints. I’m planning to take them to this weekends makers market in The Custard Factory, Birmingham. Click Here to see the Market info.


photo of pic 1

See the short vid below of me drawing this very sketch. Gives an insight into how real these drawings are including the background noise and my stern concentration face.

photo of chinese girl

headphones man photo

The light bulbs are in cages which initially proved a challenge to draw but by the end I think i’d pretty much got the hang of it.  As most sketchers will know it’s all about looking and hard observation makes for an intense day – would like to go back, eat cake and chill.

seated lady


One branch of Soho Coffee House is based in St Peter’s Square, the backdrop was classic London so I couldn’t resist popping a photographic element into this one.


pic 2 soho coffee


This is the first time I’ve done hand painted prints as part of my ‘Cafe Culture Reportage’ series so I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. The main problem is parting with them.

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