During Design Junction I was able to sketch a few people who passed me by but I was generally too busy to sketch for any length of time so I went against my religion and took a series of photo’s to sketch from later.


geofrey fisher


After some inner debates I’ve come to the conclusion that providing I was there and I had eyes on …it is ok to sketch from a photograph providing I took it myself.  I see it as a snippet from a photographic memory. It will instantly bring back the recollection of being there and seeing that person, providing a more rounded perception of who I am sketching.

Here’s the outcome … can you tell which were done on location and which were done in my studio ?


design junction 2018


This is the first time I haven’t worried about the foreground – simply layering the characters adds to the hustle and bustle that I witnessed at The South Bank, London over the 4 days I was there… fortunately positioned next to the Workshop Coffee / Elle Decoration Cafe.


Elle decoration cafe

I had more sketches in my sketchbook – some mysteriously went missing while my sketchbook was on the stand overnight… I have my suspicions who took them but I’m glad they were wanted that badly!


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