I have been surreptitiously sketching people for sometime but it was only this year I began openly doing portraits on request. Ultimately I enjoy meeting people so this was a no brainer however I am acutely aware that the way I see someone is not the way they see themselves. Perhaps this is why I was a little reserved to dive into the world of portraiture. It is quite a brave thing to do (for me and the sitter) in a world in which we hide behind our devices. So although nervous I took on the challenge and I’m so glad I did…

I intentionally developed a style that was far removed from the classical portrait, I want something that gives the essence of a person rather than a detailed likeness. I know which I’d rather hang on my wall – in fact I have a drawing on my wall by a lovely lady who I remember was called Hillary. She sketched me when our model didn’t turn up for life drawing (clothed incase you’re wondering). She may not have been the best artist but she had a style of her own and although you may not recognise it as a drawing of me there is something in my face which is very me and therefore I find it more intriguing.

I began drawing friends and family before taking orders online via my website Cherie did this . I am so grateful to Tombow who provided me with the tools to do the line art portraits. Their dual ended brush pens give the pop of colour I need.

Portrait of Hope
Portrait of Becci

Soon I was taking bookings on location starting with Wolf & Badger in Coal Drops Yard. Kings Cross is an area I have sketched many times and where I lived 20 years ago while working as a menswear designer. You can see more of the day in the film below.

Sunday in Kings Cross

‘Cherie did this’ range of cards are sold inside the Wolf & Badger store at Papersmiths. A fantastic purveyor of beautiful things. I am so proud that they stock my cards. I am currently sold out of most designs which can only be found here as they were the last retailers to restock.

Make it Personal

Sadly I cannot share many of my recent portraits as they are purchased for Christmas presents and I don’t want to risk sharing them before the big day.

On Dec 7th I am at Walton Street Winter market in the Brompton Cross area of Chelsea (London) doing portraits. I am taking bookings.

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