​In response to the current situation we all find ourselves in I am updating my blog and website (Cheriedidthis.com) with things to make & do from home.

At home in my Studio

Do you remember those flick books you had as a kid. Mix n Match outfits or characters?

I made one using famous faces and cartoon characters as part of my MA. Maybe you’ll recognise them ? Guess them as you watch the film and see the names at the end.

Now your turn… 

No need to make a flick book (unless you want to) just square images would be good, use a piece of card or A4 paper as a back drop. Have a scout about the house…

Find pictures or photo’s. Would you like it to be a family montage, celebrities or a mix of both. 

You can add drawings of your own if nothing available. 

Points to note:

1) Keep the scale roughly the same. If you have a printer / computer / scanner this is easier. Try printing images from a computer the same size before cutting them up.

2) Go for 3 panels as anymore gets confusing.

3)For each image you cut up it gives you 3 options. So with 3 images cut up you will have 3 finsihed combinations to experiment with. I like experimenting with the options which is why I created the book. 

4) You can also do bodies.

Have fun with it … no rules here just ideas.

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