Post lockdown and feeling like I have so much to share but no opportunities to do it, most of my regular events cancelled. After a brief chat with fellow creatives I realised I wasn’t alone. Fast forward a month and I’m fully immersed in this new event.

I will be sharing a selection of drawings and art that feeds into the making of final work. A great chance to get original art at a steal. There will also be new creations that haven’t yet seen the light of day. A mix of ‘Cherie Jerrard’ and my branded products ‘Cherie did this’.

A children’s area will be run by children … featuring my book illustrations for younger kids to collage and Zombies courtesy of Charlie Adlard (yes he lives here too).

I will be accompanied by 10 amazingly talented illustrators from the Shrewsbury area.

Who doesn’t love a Saturday Market ?

Doors open at 10am and we will remain open until 4pm. If you haven’t been to the Museum before it’s right in the centre of Shrewsbury. Click here to see more

All covid precautions will be taken so please bring a mask !

If you have to wait due numbers there’s a great cafe also inside the museum.

I couldn’t resist creating goody bags for the event with the help of ‘Write Here’ (local art supplier and stationery shop). These will be available on a first come basis.

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