As 2021 draws to a close I remember how confused I felt this time last year. Despite everything life has thrown at us in 2021 it has somehow managed to be one of the best years on a creative front. As an antidote to having a sick covid ridden family I thought I’d document my highlights from an amazing year.

LAMY photoshoot & filming ‘Thinking Tools’

When LAMY requested to film me as part of their upcoming campaign I was so humbled but prepared that it might not go ahead as things often get shelved these days. When Covid stopped the film crew leaving Germany I felt that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Then I got lucky when Aaron Child agreed to take it on, I was so relieved and as it turned out working with people you know can really be an asset.

I selected a few of my regular haunts to feature in the film. In Manchester I choose Ezra & Gill as I’d been sketching there recently over Sunday brunch (above). ‘Material Source’ also features along with many graffiti ridden streets of Ancoats that I love.

Here I am sketching in Ezra & Gill (Dec 21) but slightly under pressure this time as Aaron is filming it.

Helped in the moment when Hope a friendly fashion student sat opposite and was happy to be sketched.

Lamy washable ink applied with a brush and the Alstar fountain pen.

The second day of filming was spent in my home town of Shrewsbury and I have less snaps from this day, Joshua James took the professional photos which I’ve never actually seen and I’m ok with that. The interview was recorded back at my studio (see Aaron laughing at me below). I believe the release date is March 2022 but I’ll keep you posted. Lamy have many amazing people featuring from around the world and I’m happy to wave the UK flag.

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