When I was asked to paint a BT Box lockdown hadn’t long ended and I was glad to get out in the fresh air. Saffron and Hannah had already done their BT boxes but the concept was still new and it was assumed that one person was painting them all. Now 6 months later there are 14 of the boxes dotted around Shrewsbury. Here’s an update on how they’re doing… after all they are in close contact with mother nature and other strange unknowns !!!

Here’s a Trail Map which follows my route around Shrewsbury. You can go in any order but this one was planned with coffee stops along the way in the Square or lunch by Greyfriars Bridge with a finish next to The Shrewsbury Coffee House.

If you take a photo with Terry the Tiger I’d love to see it ! Tag me in @cheriedidthis

Here’s what made me do this blog. I’ve cheated a little and used the original snap of Saffron Russell’s Bear & Tea Cup above because something weird has happened. See below how it looks now !!!

And this isn’t the only box to attract some unwanted attention…

My moto is live and let live but why tag your name on someone else’s work ??? Emma at Visual Creations has done a good job of removing the tag left on her mural. My Tiger has been knocked about a bit by street signs that were leaning on it but so far he’s escaped the taggers. On the plus side the weather hasn’t treated any of the boxes too badly and I’d highly recommend a wonder around the streets of Shrewsbury to discover these works of art.

Thanks to The Shrewsbury Bid and Emma Molyneux for making this happen. I wonder if more will appear in 2022 and fingers crossed Saffron’s artwork makes a come back.

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