It’s been almost a year since I began working as a consultant for Write Here. I took this role on for many reasons, I often liken being an artist to an athlete in that you have to keep a positive mental attitude. It’s so easy to be swayed by doubt and procrastination. Headspace is needed for ideas to bubble up and yet too much time working alone can blur the focus and creativity begins to feel indulgent. I returned to retail as a remedy, something structured to cling to amidst freelance work and self initiated projects. Having owned a shop for many years I’ve always enjoyed the sense of community. Maybe my background in fashion has heightened my sensitivity to trends and there are clues when watching shoppers make selections.

Write Here has something extra, a hidden depth. Foundations in our fundamental use of a tool to convey who we are. Enabling us to communicate with others. The written thought process cannot be completely replaced with digital techniques. Ideas, words or creative expression all flow easier through a pen (or pencil) it’s how we’ve evolved. Visual poetry, musings, art or essential day to day organisation all require tools. People will spend hours selecting pens, whittling it down to the one they feel most comfortable with.

From the Write Here Press Release:

High Street Stationers Write Here have experienced an infestation of snails on their shop window. 

But they are wise and cheerful creatures, who seem to have their lives in perfect balance.   “What’s the rush?” they ask; “We’re Write Here – Enjoy the journey!”

“We won’t be calling Environmental Health, let alone complaining to our landlords” said shop owner John Hall.  “They seem to sum up our philosophy very well”!

The design was created by local artist Cherie Jerrard – one of a series of windows she has done for Write Here, a shop for those who appreciate the more reflective, analog life: Pens, paper, cards and paints for all.

How about that, Zen?

It’s no surprise that my cards sales have increased since I’ve been able to observe shoppers in action, noting their selections adapting my designs accordingly. I was touched when one of my Christmas cards made a gentleman cry, even more so when I explained I’d made it. *Insert humorous comment here !!!

This isn’t to say that the cards have taken over from my artwork quite the contrary, working here has helped me understand that designing cards is my way of connecting with others. You’ll be seeing more of my art soon as I’ve been experimenting with an array of inky products carefully selected from Write Here.

Christmas advert below created using materials from Write Here (and a few digital finishing touches)

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