My Neighbourhood Inked

I’ve become localised. Lockdowns have made me focus closer to home and see the joy in routine, daily life and places on my doorstep. It’s helped me delve a little deeper. Being close to something means you can return to it and look for more.

Rosie’s Emporium Frankwell, Shrewsbury

Rosie curates her produce. Each day various baskets, crates, jugs and buckets are selected to show her freshest fruit and veg.

Can you see Norman ?

I’m already seeing a seasonal shift in the display at Rosie’s and I’m itching to draw it again. Until then I’m off to get this work professionally photographed and then you may see it in print form.

I enjoy experimenting with movement and overlaying inky sketches of the skaters who hang out in Frankwell car park. Their graffiti is particularly poor but something about the sadness of a solo skater attempting unseen tricks in a wet, grey car park appeals to me.

The Suspension Bridge reminds me of my Dad’s architecture and his love of concrete.

I have projects lined up around the UK so it’ll be interesting to see how studying my home feeds into upcoming adventures…

In Rosie’s artwork I’ve mostly used Lamy washable ink and a mix of other colours including crystal inks and neocolour pastels. Details made using the Lamy Alstar pen.

The Skaters are created using Sailor Manyo Inks.

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