How fantastic it was to be back drawing in person. An intense but enjoyable experience trying to hold a conversation and draw. My brain struggles to make words and draw lines. At a recent event celebrating the Lamy collaboration I attempted to draw everyone who attended in one minute (in reality it was more like 3 minutes). Yes some did escape, I was planning on adding them later but it became a never ending project so I drew it to a close.

The gathering was held at Highly Flammable Studios with inspirational food supplied by Kanu Poke.

You can support Aaron and his new studio with this Kickstarter and get all sorts of perks. It’s a great space as you can see below. Thanks to My Shrewsbury Magazine and Kate Bronner for these Photos.

Exciting News I’ve created my own range of sketchbooks. You’ll see these on my website soon. They are launching at PG Live next week. Here you can see Anna Niman of London Drawing Art Group testing the watercolour DRAWN pad.

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