There aren’t many occasions when you feel at ease with being watched. As a people sketcher I try to be unseen and if someone is uncomfortable I stop. At Weddings everyone is ok with it ! knowing cameras will be everywhere you are mentally prepared to be snapped before you even arrive so the same principle extends to being drawn. Hallelujah ! I love drawing at weddings.

Jasmine & Gregory’s Wedding 04.06.22 in the Secret River Garden (near London).

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll be aware of my style which has been evolving since I graduated with a Masters from Manchester School of Art in 2016.

I combine elements of photography with live sketches done on location and painted elements inspired by what I witnessed at an event / location. It’s my way of conveying the feel of being at that place in that moment. An enhanced memory.

A Wedding to remember – with love to Jazz & Greg !

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