Make the Most of your Stand – advice for Stallholders !

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You’ve been accepted to join a market/trade fair and spent weeks planning what you’ll bring then suddenly it dawns on you …the stand needs your attention too.

Advice for Presenting your wares at Markets / Fairs and Events

  • Most stalls consist of a table, chair and any extras you might bring like rails or picture stands. It’s best to cover the table with something that won’t crease in transit.The cover will help hide your belongings and any spare stock underneath the table.

  • Avoid cluttering your stand with personal belongings, food, drink and money. Keep these hidden from view if possible.

  • Create some height. If you can use the items you brought your goods in that’s ideal so they’re multifunctional. Avoid having everything flat on the table. Either lean some items or elevate them on/in a box / rail / whatever you can find in your studio / home. Notice the use of wire stands in the image above.
  • Bring a prop – something that relates to you. If you’re a photographer bring your first camera. If you like paint brushes bring a jar and place them next to your paintings. Jewellery designers could keep busy in quiet moments by doing some adjustments using their tools – this helps keeps hands occupied if you’re nervous and highlights your making techniques.

  • A rummage box/ tray or something to flip through can add interest to a stand. Discounted items, misprints and end of range items are always popular as people love to hunt for bargains.

  • If it’s wintertime you might want to consider bringing a battery powered light – fairy lights are a common option but there are alternatives.

  • If you’re bringing a device to take card payments make sure it’s powered and linked to your phone. Do a test sale. Excuse me while I go do this right now !

ok I’m back …

  • Talk to the neighbouring stallholders. See if they need help with carrying or offer to keep an eye out while they nip to the toilet.I’m so impressed by people who drive miles to spend a whole day alone behind a stand, staying positive, before driving home again. A friendly chat would make a big difference.

A little sketch of a more traditional market !
  • Check if there is food and drink on site. Water is always useful as are babywipes (incase of a spillage or sticky fingers on your finest picture frame – scary thought!)

  • Enjoy chatting to people. This is a gateway to your customers. It’s one of the best things about makers markets and fairs. You can explain your process and help them understand how much love and thought has gone into your creations.It’s always nice to put a face to a product or someone you follow online.

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